At Our Core


Jesus is the focus.

We refuse to be distracted by anything that takes our eyes off of Jesus. As a result, small issues are small here. Arguments over issues that do not help us accomplish the mission or deepen our hunger for God are not welcome in this family. When we disagree on the small, we will extend grace, refuse to be critical, and keep moving forward.

Heb. 12:1&2; Matt. 23:23&24


Imperfect people are welcome.

We believe that messy lives are still precious to God. Anyone is welcome no matter their past and we choose to look to what God wants to do in a person’s future. GOD is always giving us  opportunities to reach people and no one is too far gone. 

Luke 15:1-7


We believe big.

We refuse to dishonor GOD by praying small, leading safe, and living risk free. Our fallback position will not be on past wins, but on future possibilities. 

Matthew 17:20 & 19:26


Honor is Held HigH. 

 While every person is not adopted into God’s family, every person does bear God’s image and as a result is valuable.  We aspire to fearlessly recognize and celebrate individuals who model God’s heart in their lives, service, and calling. Heaping honor on others is our norm as we see God’s grace and power manifest in ordinary lives.

1Cor.12:26; Eph.6:2; 1Tim.5:17; 1Pet.2:17


We Champion Young People.

Young people are ready to serve God passionately, follow God faithfully, and change the world radically, NOW! The day we prefer making church about keeping the caught rather than reaching a generation will be the day we close our doors. 

Joel 1:3


We Gather to Encounter.

We believe that God wants to be encountered and that a true, authentic encounter with God is the deepest longing of every soul. Jesus promised that when two or three are gathered together, He is there with them. As much as we love each other, our passion is God’s presence. So we say, like the Psalmists of ancient times, “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.”

Matt.18:20; Psalm 84:10


we fight for joy.

Even on our worst day, Jesus is enough for a heart full of gladness. Sounds of laughter, childlike fun, overflowing praise, and a spirit of thanksgiving will emanate from the Providence Community. We choose resting over striving and take serving from a full tank seriously. 

Psalm 34:1; 51:12; James 1:2

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challenge fuels change.

We want to see people operating in God’s best. Hard conversations, regular encouragement, consistent calls to action, honest feedback, and genuine humility will be the atmosphere at Providence. We will not be afraid to change, will welcome opportunities to innovate, and will embrace opportunities for growth. Gal.2:11-14