The Building Project

We truly believe that our greatest days are yet to come and that all that God has done will pale in comparison to what He’s going to do. We believe that God will use our future facility, not as a treasure in our hearts, but as a powerful tool in our hands, to transform our region and world. 

After relocating five times in our ten year existence, we’ve learned that meeting in rented space can mean instability and decreased ministry effectiveness. Providence has arrived at a key moment in our history, an opportunity and a challenge to raise $750,000 over a three-year period in order to build our first ever Providence campus.



we see a church where Jesus is TREASURED.

A Church so Preoccupied with Christ, His Kingdom, His glory, His fame, His honor, and His Heartbeat that little else matters. A church vertical in nature where gathering to worship is participated in with such abandon that God is consistently pleased to pour out His presence on His people with such power that is is as if heaven and earth have collided. A church that has little to do with upholding the traditions of men and everything to do with encountering God.

We see a church where songs are born & artists are unleashed. A Worshipping Community, fueled by the Holy Spirit, desperate for GOD in prayer, & operating from His presence, not for His approval.


We See a Church Where People are LOVED.

A welcoming church that prefers people over programs, abandoning cliques for an atmosphere that makes room for the most imperfect person around. An UnOffendable church that people actually want to be a part of where it's easy to get connected and hard to be overlooked.

We see a church that Owns the Neighborhoods that it occupies, with a heartbeat to do life with those that GOD has placed right on our streets. A diverse community where relationships don't hang on similarities, but on God's extravagant love for every person.


We See a Church Where Compassion Is Extended

A church missional in mindset and action oriented in practice. A church that is unstoppably committed to reaching a generation, brimming over with those that the statistics say are leaving the church and filled beyond capacity with those who are down to their last hope. A church where older generations gladly forgo their style if necessary for the sake of God's glory in emerging generations. A church alive with young, vibrant, potential filled people, as well as the young at heart, who are being championed & cheered on, not pushed out by their predecessors.

We see a church positioned in the center of the action. Occupying facilities with a "front lines" feel that could never contain all we do, but greatly aid in the effort, large enough to welcome all, but intimate enough for individuals to be noticed. We see a generous church, where the atmosphere is thick with faith, believing God to provide for us in ways that defy the odds and are beyond reason. Gladly and hilariously giving of the resources that we have received to missional endeavors that reach people where they are at, consistently sending and going places where people are, rather than expecting them to come to us.

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We See a Church Where You are Changed.

A church where masks come off of faces, leaders are raised from the ashes, & people plunge deep into a life of the pursuit of Christ, filled with His Spirit, overflowing with hope, entrenched in His grace, feasting on the Scriptures, standing on the promises, laboring in prayer, and living in freedom. So heavenly minded that they do a world of Good.

We pray that the church we see will quickly become the church You see because we think its the church that God sees for us at this Providential place in history.



Your giving makes a tremendous impact on both Providence Community and the lives that will be changed for many years to come.

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