our worship services are intense and unabashedly focused on Jesus.

Our worship services are held every Sunday at 10am at the Spring Grove Area Middle School. We are a church where Jesus is the focus and where He is treasured above all other things. Providence is a church so preoccupied with Christ, His Kingdom, His glory, His fame, His honor, and His Heartbeat that little else matters.


risks are taken

One of our core values at Providence is that we believe BIG. We refuse to dishonor God by praying small, leading safe, and living risk free. We also see a church that is vertical in nature where gathering to worship is participated in with such abandon that God is consistently pleased to pour out His presence on His people with such power that it is as if heaven and earth have collided. We see a church that has little to do with upholding the traditions of men and everything to do with encountering God.


Artists are welcome

Artists are welcome at Providence and encouraged to use their talents and artistic passions as worship. We see a church where songs are born and artists are unleashed. A worshipping community, fueled by the Holy Spirit, desperate for God in prayer, & operating from His presence, not for His approval.