The story of Providence is really quite simple...

Nearly nine years ago a small group of imperfect people dreamed of starting a church where Jesus is treasured, people are loved, compassion is extended, and YOU are changed. We have moved locations multiple times and faced many challenges along the way, but our original small group of imperfect people has since grown into over 500 imperfect people. We're a group of people that care more about focusing on Jesus than which building we are in, and we care more about reaching a generation than what programs are being offered. 

The truly amazing thing is that our story isn't over - it's just starting.

You might be a part of this story and we hope you are. At Providence, we believe that our best days are in the future, not in the past and that GOD is doing something behind the scenes of our lives that is bigger than us. You are welcome anytime to come and join the celebration on a Sunday. Grab some coffee before service.